The famous American architect Adrian Smith to visit our company

On January 16, 2013 in the morning, Xinhuida urban complex project commencement ceremony held in Suzhou. Senior designer, as a representative of the design project, the famous American architect Adrian Smith , CSIAD company chairman Dai Yaping, President Zha Jinrong, vice President Tang Shaohua were invited to attend the ceremony.

Later, Adrian Smith went to visit our company,and Chairman Dai Yaping accompanied him and introduced the related development of CASID. In the end, Mr Smith came to the architectural creation center, launched a cordial and friendly conversation with architects. Discussion at the meeting, Mr Smith and his team introduced the Tall building works they had completed to us, and discussed with the architects about urban complex projects. At the meeting, CSIAD company design director, professor Han baoshan, and Mr Philip baker also share their understanding of the Mosaic, high-rise residential and commercial projects design and practice. It was a Pleasant communication.

Adrian Smith was a design partner of the world famous architects SOM. In 2006, he created his own company “Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill” architectural firms. Mr Smith pays attention to the relationship of the design and project between the natural environment, and the new architectural design and the integration of regional characteristics. In his 40-year career, his extraordinary work achievements includes many landmark buildings in the world, such as the Jin Mao tower in Shanghai, Chemsunny Plaza in Beijing, Greenland in Nanjing and world’s tallest building Burj Dubai, etc. As one of the pioneers of the supertall building designers in the world, he has become an important international super-tall building founder, and makes the energy saving system with the integration of science and technology into his design.

Cooperate with pei master design museum in Suzhou

Cooperated with Bayesian architects in the United States, SIAD successfully completed the structure and mechanical expansion of design and the construction drawing design of Suzhou museum. This design completed under the world famous chinese-american architect i. m. pei’s direct guidance and requirements. In Manhattan, the SIAD design team closely cooperated with PPA and electromechanical JB&B, structure consultancy LERA , completed the project at the beginning of the expansion of the structure and the mechanical and electrical design.

Suzhou museum may be a master of pei last-ms munro dedicated to the world. The contract of Suzhou museum engineering construction drawing design is signed directly by the SIAD with PPA.

Strengthen international cooperation, develop high-end market

German hai Yin architectural design consulting co., LTD. Professor Henn visited our company

On October 19, 2010, the German hai Yin architectural design consulting co., LTD. CEO Gunter Henn professor visited our company. CSIAD Chairman of the board of directors Dai Yaping made a sincere warm conversation with professor Henn. During the talks, both sides expressed that they hope to further develop and strengthen cooperation in the field of construction and engineering (A + E) consulting projects, realize the complementary advantages and sharing resources.

Since 2008, my company had made successful cooperation with the German hai Yin architectural design consulting co., LTD. in Suzhou Zhiyuan business buildings,and Suzhou e-trip technology projects.

German hai Yin architectural design consulting co., LTD. Since 1979, set up headquarters in Munich, and set up the branches in Berlin, dubai and Shanghai. since its creation ,the Company has been completed Nearly 300 big projects in Germany, Europe and other countries. Although the content of these projects are not identical, but they are all highly complexity in common. Especially in terms of overall planning of scientific research institutions and industrial buildings, within several years world ranking among the top 10.

The cooperation with German hai Yin architectural design consulting co., LTD is another important international teamwork after successfully worked with several Large overseas construction firms,such as Mr Berlusconi firm in the United States, The United States office of SOM, British Atkins,etc. It will help our company learn each other’s advanced experience from German hai Yin architectural design consulting co., LTD., in the aspect of building consultants and its overall planning, research and innovation base, theme parks project, to further develop our company in construction and engineering consulting market (A + E).

The natural resources defense council, executive director to visit our company

On September 10, the natural resources defense council (NRDC) executive director Peter column and the leadership of Nanjing university, Suzhou industrial park management committee led a line to visit our company for green building design case, and field experience the company’s new office as a green energy saving effect brought by the demonstration project.

The natural resources defense council (NRDC) is an organization which in order to protect the earth’s environment to the survival of humans and other creatures, based in New York, is currently one of the world’s most important and well-known international environmental groups.

CSIAD Vice President QiuZhiBin on behalf of the company introduced our company to expert panel of the NRDC and park management committee leadership about the green building design practice, especially the concept of green building and strategy adopted by the new building and the actual operation effect. Mr. Peter Leonard had expressed strong interest, and highly praise and sure our company office building As the construction and reconstruction of the green, truly embodies the concept of green low carbon. The results with replication and generalization, take the green path has a good demonstration.

General Manager Zha Jinrong was invited to attend the “2010 times. Design brand BBS”

On September 18, 2010,”time + architecture” magazine planned and organized the “2010 Time + architecture design brand BBS “. Many domestic well-known design companies ,such as Shanghai east china architecture design institute, Tongji university design institute, CCDI, ect, Was invited to attend the BBS activities. All the delegates had a heated discussion about corporating branding design and construction. General Manager Zha Jinrong of our company was invited to the meeting and made a keynote speech in the theme of “inheritance history melts to build the future”. In the speech, he specially elaborated the development history and brand strategy of CSIAD, combined with green energy conservation transformation of our company’s new office building.

Conference organizers presented the design brand award to CSIAD and other else companies which had made outstanding achievements in the brand construction .

The director/partner Terry Davenport of The BDP architectural design firm visited our company

On October 15, Terry Davenport, director/partner of British BDP architectural design firm which is the largest professional comprehensive architectural design company of Europe, visited our company. Vice-president Zhangmin and some other leaders, introduced the development of our company in recent years, and Exploration in the field of energy saving, green building to guests.

Then, Terry Davenport field visited the company’s new office space as the actual achievement of green energy-saving demonstration project. And they expressed strong interest, also praised the office building as green building reconstruction instances, embody the concept of green, environmental protection.

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